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Perfect day wedding car hire

Welcome to Bentley Wedding Car Hire. We have two, identical, high quality luxury White Bentley Arnages’ for hire as transportation to any wedding or special occasion.

Every couple wants their big day to be perfect, and luxury wedding cars are an excellent way to begin and end the event of your lives in style. We offer not just high-quality chauffeur driven cars, but care, professionalism and the peace of mind you get from knowing that the transportation to and from your wedding, party or special event is in good hands.

The most important thing Bentley Wedding Car Hire can do for you is to provide seamless, hassle-free service and allow you to check at least one worry off your list in what is no doubt a very stressful time.

We only ever accept one booking per car per day as we like to arrive early for you and give you time for photographs afterwards.

We cover the following areas:

Somerset & Wiltshire.

Our White Bentley Arnages’

The Bentley Arnage is more than just a beautiful luxury car, it is a piece of British history. When it was first introduced in 1998 it was Bentley’s first entirely new design in nearly 20 years, and was the basis of the limousine used by the Queen for the Golden Jubilee in 2002. Having this car for your day will make you feel as special as the car is, the arriving in style will start your day perfectly.

Our SIlver Baby Bentley

Our new addition is our Chrysler better known as the “Baby Bentley “ with all the features and luxury to go with it.  The Silver Baby Bentley hire is an excellent way to begin and end any event in style. High-quality chauffeur driven Silver Baby Bentley hire car along with a seamless, hassle-free service…

If you are planning a wedding, reception, or other special event in Berkshire, Oxfordshire or one of the areas we cover, consider arriving in a classic Bentley.

A chauffeur driven car is still the height of elegance and distinction and never fails to make an indelible impression.